How we can help generate EMPLOYMENT ?

Ultimate Hemp World Inc will set up a 640-acre manufacturing facility within Alberta, Canada. In this facility, all the products will be manufactured and supplied to the market via various marketing channels.


For successful setup, functioning, manufacturing and production of final products will require thousands of combination of skilled and semi skilled manpower. We aim to get Canada involved in a cleaner, green, eco-friendly sustainable environment by engaging its shareholders and the public. We embrace the industrial hemp market as a new emerging multi-million-dollar industrial agricultural green revolution. We believe there can be tangible benefits reaped from the adhering to a corporate social responsibility plan and therefore we plan to setup various production units manufacturing different products.


Below is the brief of total jobs we shall generate:

Decortication Units 50
Textiles 3000
Garments 100
Industrial Clothing 50
Canvas 20
Ropes 20
Paper Mill 300
Tissue Paper 20
Packaging Boxes 20
Paper Cups 20
Shopping Bags 20
Hemp Building Blocks 30
Writing Paper 20
Hemp Oil 10
Hemp Foods 40
Hemp Health Products 30
Hemp Beauty Products 80
General Management 60
Total Employee 3880
Hemp Grower Farmer 10,000
Trucking 200
Total number of Job creation 14,080