Ultimate Hemp World Inc Proudly Announces the First Project of its kind in the WORLD

There is a total of 257 Countries registered.

More than 150 Countries have land area of more than 25000 square kilometers.

If each country grows 50,000 hectares of hemp plant, then the following results are achieved.

Each country becomes self-sufficient in food, shelter and clothing.

Poverty in the World is eliminated.

Migration takes steps backward.

Global Warming is greatly reduced.

150 Countries x 50,000 hectares of cultivation 22 tons o CO2 absorption per hectare of cultivation = 165,000,000 tons of CO2 absorption by the plants/Reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere.

There are more than 100 Countries in the World that are situated between the tropics.

These countries can have 2 crops each year.

Means 100 x 50,000 x 22= 110,000,000 Metric Tons

So, in a particular year total carbon reduction is 275 Million metric tons

Which translates to more than 7 % of Global CO2 reduction.

Imagine the following products made under one roof in Alberta

Tissue Paper, Writing Paper, Other Stationery, Coffee Cups, Other Beverage Cups, Packing Material, Shopping bags, Food grade bags,

Hemp bread, Hemp Butter, Hemp Cereals, Hemp Chocolates, Hemp infused fruit drinks, Hemp Flour, Hemp Oil, Hemp derivates to be used in medicines, Beauty products.

Hemp Crete, Hemp houses, Insulation, Fabrication and Moulding Industry.

We are setting up the first showcase of this project in Alberta, we require your support. Please contact info@uhwinc.com or 780 643-8731 for participation as Investor, Ancillary Unit Manufacturer.

Investment Opportunities

The franchisees will have the opportunity to become Shareholders and Directors in the General Holding Company. Farmers will be invited to be part of the group as Limited Partners.

. The general layout of the Investment will be as follows:

Initially, the company will be run by General Partners. Once the Limited Partners shares are sold, then Limited Partner will be the operating company. The rate of return to investors is more than 18% per year. For Holding Company shares, investors need to contact the company. The company will remains private.